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Are you at risk from the Mariner East Pipeline Project?

Water contamination?

Reports of drinking water contamination across the state continue to grow as a result of Mariner East pipeline construction.  If you believe your water has been impacted (very recently or at any time in the past) please take a minute to fill out this Mariner East Drinking Water Contamination Survey.


Your answers will be confidential. However, the locations of potential drinking water contamination sites may be plotted on a viewable map.  In this way we can see how many residents are self-reporting concerns in each township and county along the pipeline route, and look for emerging patterns.


Please take a moment to complete the survey if you feel your private well or public water supply has ever been compromised by Mariner East construction.  And please share the survey widely so we can get a broad sampling of results.

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The Halt Mariner Now project is supported by MWA's Direct Support Fund, which is made possible by The Heinz Endowments and the 11th Hour Project.

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