Document A Complaint

Use this Complaint Form to ensure that your complaints are being addressed by the correct agencies. Please always send an email or written complaint to the municipality in charge of enforcement for the particular location. It is important your communication is in writing and not simply a phone call because oftentimes calls are not documented and subject to Right To Know Laws. If you call, make sure you also write your requests in an email or other documented form. This form is NOT meant to be used as a replacement for your personal complaint to the agency. It is simply a way for us to help you by following up on agency response, giving you tools that might help you, and get action as a result of your complaint.

NOTE: If you are experiencing an emergency, call 911 IMMEDIATELY and get to a safe location.

Download our Document "How to Document and Report Problems with Mariner East"

Download Mountain Watershed Association's document "Protecting Your Water and Property from Pipeline Development"